Guide to use the Return

Posted by Susanne Rosenvinge on

Return Instruction

 Click on the Returns icon on the bottom of the main consultant page

  1. Enter your email address and the order number of the item/items being returned - (you will find this number in your overview of orders.(my account)
  2. Chose the item/items you want to return from the order, which now appears on your screen
  3. When you have finished choosing the items scroll down to the bottom of the page
  4. Your returns will now be displayed with an individual return number
  5. In order to print the returns - choose one of the following options. 1. Print screen. 2. Copy the items and paste them into a word document and print.
  6. Alternatively you can write the return number on a slip of paper and include this in the bag with the return item. 
  7. Please ensure to write your name clearly on all returns

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