Friendtex Garment Factory was established in 2003, is a professional and well-equipped manufacturing plant, as manufacturer, to help independent fashion brands and large high-end supermarket customers produce and complete a variety of clothing needs. In order to help more brand enterprises realize the blueprint, we established Friendtex International Co., Ltd. in 2011, to create a more professional foreign trade, design and high-quality service team for customers.

We have the ability and experience to serve chain brands and customers with very high demand, and we also have the ability to build brands for our customers, starting with low MOQ and growing gradually. We have more than 20 years of production and export experience, in 2013 we invested in a number of garment factories, products to achieve diversification and personalized.

In the underwear, home wear, corset, sportswear and accessories range, each area has a professional team to answer your questions and provide the best solution. We can provide 1 day of modeling and 7 days of proofing services at the earliest. If it is an urgent project, we can complete the proofing in 3 days. Our high-intensity and high-precision work provides customers with a more efficient working environment.

Sincerity, quality, service, delivery are always the most important features of our work, we believe that we will help customers solve difficulties, help customers to build a unique brand. A benchmark enterprise made in China—-Friendtex


Our clothing factory has been providing custom clothing services since 2003, with a daily production of up to 30,000 pieces.

We have helped over 1000 clothing brands and bring their designs to life and grow their businesses.

We guarantee that your designs will remain private, and we have strict policies against sharing or reusing client designs.

A Letter from Founder - Helen

friendtex founder helen
Helen Wu


I have been in contact with clothing since I was 22 years old, and now I have 25 years of experience. In 2003, with the support of my relatives, I set up a clothing factory called Friedntex. Whether it is colleagues, employees, or customers, I will treat them like friends, which is so sincere. We did not have many orders at the beginning, but I tried my best to help the customers, and the development of the customers is very good so that we have more experience and strength to invest in new projects and new companies.

We have the ability and experience to serve not only international brands but also many independent designers, and young brands to provide services and inject vitality. Our equipment and professionals allow us to break the traditional foreign trade bottleneck so that customers experience faster and better quality, reasonable prices low MOQ service.

Our independent factories and investment cooperation factories have opened up factories for corsets, yoga wear, hats, socks, shoe packaging, etc., to meet all your brand manufacturing needs in addition to clothing. And for gift packaging, we have thousands of products. By choosing us as your supplier, you can spend most of your time on product design and branding. Friendtex is the perfect partner for all your garment manufacturing needs.

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Why Choose Friendtex


Friendtex is the perfect solution for all your garment and clothing manufacturing needs.

We are good at ODM and OEM services, from product design, custom proofing, surface accessories diversified customization, product quality control management are one of the most professional suppliers.

We are committed to providing the best quality service and the most perfect solution for customers of different sizes.

We have a team of professionals to bring your designs to life. We also provide design drawings and information packages. Tell us your needs, let us provide the most professional answer and the best solution for you. We will let you feel the high-quality products and the best price.

We have a professional sample production department, digital printing, professional cutting and sewing, quickly customize your sample, sample time of 7-10 working days. If you are in a hurry, we can finish the sample in 3 days at the soonest. For the delivery of large goods, we strictly follow the customer’s requirements to ensure the quality and quantity of the case, smooth delivery.

We have professional cloth inspection machine, automatic cloth laying machine and automatic cutting bed. The integrity of the fabric should be checked as soon as the fabric arrives. We have professional inspectors in sewing, ironing, packaging and other steps to ensure that there are no problems with the product.

We have our own weaving factory, dyeing factory and trademark factory, as well as a full range of clothing spot fabric suppliers, we support small batch customization and light customization so that your business is growing

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