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When it comes to clothing manufacturing, having a well-made tech pack is very important.

The tech pack is the document you need to create in order to communicate your design to the manufacturer. This document contains all the technical information about your product line.

While it is difficult to start making a tech pack, it is important to take the time to finish it properly. This includes finding the right materials, understanding the product architecture, and some clothing details.

The following are our tech pack services:
    – Design consultation
    – Draw technical drawings as required
    – Multiple color matching, printing; Decorative detail
    – Basic classification specifications
    – Size Chart
    – List of materials (if you have all materials)
    — Brand; Care label, folding instructions, label; package

Price: $50 – $100

Lead time :2 weeks

If you choose to work with us to produce clothing, we will be happy to provide you with a technical package we already have for free.

How We Make Your Tech Pack

Create Your Brand's Logo and Identity
The logo that you create will be one of the most significant aspects of your brand identity.
Create Your Design Ideas in Flat Sketches
Make sure to consider the manufacturing process as you create your sketches.
Include Call Out Construction in Your Design
lf you want your product call-outs to be accurate,you need to learn about how your products are made.
Include Colorways
Adding colorways to your tech pack is an absolute must if you have multiple color variations or trim options.
Make a Bill of Materials (BOM)
Bill of Materials(BOM) is an important part of your tech pack because it outlines every material that will be used in your product line.
Make Sure To Add Assembly Instructions
Including assembly instructions is an important part of your tech pack. This way, people will know how to put your product together correctly in a step-by-step format.
Include Packaging Details
If you've reached the production stage, you should also have your hang tags, labels,and packaging requirement ready.

Tech Pack Examples

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