06 Global Shipping

We provide a variety of shipping options to meet all of your requirements.

By Express
Fast 3-5 working days, ship through FedEx,DHL or UpS door-to-door service.Normally, samples and some urgentorders are sent via this method. you willhave to clear custom or pay the tarrif ifyour country custom charged.
By Air or Sea
Ship by air 12-15 working days. by sea 25-40 days these shipping method take long time, but will save cost, you can order in advance. normally include custom tax.
Weight Suggestion
Ordering in bulk always saves on shipping fees, so we recommend ordering more than 21kg at a time. Shipping charges for 19kg will be more expensive than if you ordered 21 kg.
Tax by Destination Country
There is a tariff that the destination country charges, and we have no control over it. Make sure you're able to pay the tax when the shipping company contacts you.
Final Shipping Fee
The shipping fee varies based on the method of shipment and weight of the products. For an accurate quote, please contact us when you are ready to ship your goods.

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