03 OEM & ODM Service

Unique labeling, tagging, and packaging may help your brands stand out by making it easier for customers to recall them. Brand information includes the brand name, logo, size, etc.

Custom LOGO
We can create a unique brand for you, the first is to customize your brand LOGO. Logos can be presented in the form of printing, embroidery, or hang tags.
Custom Packaging
We usually use blank plastic bags, but we can also provide customized logo packaging. This means that we will put your company’s logo on the packaging bags in different sizes or materials. This makes your brand look more professional to customers.
Custom Size Labels
Select several materials for your size label, such as (S, M, L) , or any other design you desire , make them similar to your logo labels so that customers can quickly distinguish between different sizes of your clothing.
Custom Accessories
We provide all the decorations you need, including buttons, drawstrings, zippers and more. All you have to do is contact us to create your own unique design; Let us turn your ideas into reality.

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